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Top Trending Technologies in IT [ 2020 ]

Information technology is a vast and progressive field of Engineering. The world is getting more and more digital these days and this paves way for a lot of new technologies to emerge to save the purpose in the Information technology field. But with this fast rate evolution in technology, are we as engineers ready to serve in these. Do we have the required skill to sustain in this era of advanced technologies?. Many are still confused to choose their Information Technology career path and this is obvious with a variety of fields at our disposal. With the world getting more and more digitized, the problems we face are also increasing. These IT problems range from huge data to cybersecurity. So here are the top trending technology fields in IT which according to me is going to rule this industry in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are not a new field of Information Technology. Its been there for decades but its application in practical life has started to be growing these days. Although search engines like Google and Yahoo already use this to show us the suggestions when we start typing some search. Now is the era of automation, driver-less vehicles, and auto-steering vehicles. All these technologies make use of AI and ML to function. So I think its time to get your hands dirty if you are any interested in a bit of probability, statistics, and maths ( You need to know its basics). I should warn you that don’t just jump into this as this is not for everyone. According to me, you should have basics for Mathematics like probability theory, statistics. So if you are a person with an interest in Mathematics, then you may get your hands dirty in this amazing field.  Why am I telling you that this is not everyone? Isn’t it discouraging and demotivating?. Your questions are valid but my viewpoint is different. I believe in self-satisfaction and believe that’s very important. Just choosing a career option because it is trending and forcing yourself to learn it won't do any good to you, even if you manage to get a good job out of it. As you start working and get to its bottom, it may surprise you as Organizations have AI problems that may be too complex and may require you and your team to put your deep mathematical skills into it. I guess you all got my point.

Big Data


As the world around us became more digitized and Information technology evolved and started to get applied everywhere one can think of, the amount of data that Organizations have to store and process also increased exponentially. This became a very crucial problem and led to a problem called Big Data. Big Data is not a technology, but it is a problem that we face which requires a solution. Many architectures like MapReduce by Google were introduced to face this problem. Soon came many projects among which popular was Hadoop which used the MapReduce framework followed by Apache Spark which was built to eliminate the drawbacks of MapReduce. This problem of Big Data is not going to end as we are developing more and more digital data every day and this is only going to increase. New technologies will emerge to tackle this issue and you can opt this field if you are interested in Data and how to process it.

Data Science and Analytics


Next on our list is Data Science and Analytics. This is a very promising field in this world of growing data. More and more organizations are getting into fields of Microservices and e-commerce. These organization wants to know the data that viewers are interested in, the demographics of their traffic, etc. These problems are dealt with in the field of Data Science and Analytics. This mainly deals with analyzing the data and giving useful insights out of it. This helps organizations to market their products and business effectively to the end-users and thus increasing their business revenue. Since this can rapidly increase the revenue of such business, demand for individuals in this field is also huge. All Organizations are interested to know what their end-users are interested in and from where they area and such useful insights. Again get into this if you are curious about Data.

Cyber Security


Cyber Security is a very important and in-demand field these days with the growing amount of cybercrimes and security breaches. Recent attacks of WannaCry and BadRabbit have alerted all the Organizations about the need for high profile cybersecurity wing in their firms. There exists a huge danger to each and every individual as we and our lives are greatly dependent on Digital technologies. There can be a scenario, that someone out there is committing serious crimes using your identity. Now I guess you can imagine how serious the threat we are facing. So with the evolution of Information Technology, raises the demand for robust security and this can be accomplished by Cyber Security specialists. For pursuing a career in this field, you have to get deep knowledge in Cyber Security and get essential experience to prove yourself to the Organizations. An organization can’t waste their time training you to protect themselves. Most organizations also demand you to get certified in popular Security certifications like EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CompTIA A+, etc. Knowledge of the Linux Operating System is an added advantage to your learning journey.

Web and Mobile App Development

Web Development is according to me, an evergreen field in Information Technology. Websites and Smartphone Applications are crucial methodologies for growing any business in the current digital era. We are more and more inclined to technology and smartphones are part of our life. End-Users will get to know about your business and might invest if they like your website or app and think they are professional. This increases the demand for Web and Application developers like Android, iPhone, etc. The service-based sector survives in this field according to me. The major issue with this field is a huge competition. Every year millions pass out of colleges all over the world and 80% of them get into the web development field as more openings are available for this position and its kind of easy to get compared to other fields. Thanks to service-based IT giants, who created this huge demand to increase their business. It's also this huge intake and availability of a huge number of developers that the salary of web developers is less compared to other fields. But if you have deep knowledge and not the copy-paste approach, then you might end up earning lots.


  So these are according to me the top trending technologies that are going to rule the world for the next several years. Now the above list is not in any ranking order and this is purely my own view. You may have a different view and chances are that you may want me to add some other technologies that I missed. Put your suggestions in the comment box below and let us know other interesting technologies which according to you should have made on my list. But the main point here is, research the market and industry trends to stay up to date. Find a promising field that suits your interest and start working on it. Good Luck !!!

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